Universal White Time Gemstone Instructors for the United States

Rev. Kitty Mrache

As Kitty was growing up, she tagged along collecting rocks with her Geologist father, Robert Coats, as he did his field work. Now, she has a very different education and understanding of stones and minerals.

Kitty first became aware of the ability of stones to heal in 1980 when she placed an amethyst cluster on her chest as she was falling asleep. When she awoke in an hour, a long-standing and deep cough was completely gone.

In 1999, Kitty began her studies with Channie Cha, the powerful healer and contactee for the Highly Evolved Extra Terrestrials. (Channie brought these stone layouts down to Earth and is the Head White Time Teacher and Gemstone Teacher for Sweden and the White Time Ambassador for Earth) Over the course of several years, Kitty trained with Channie and became a Level 1-4 Universal White Time Healer. In the Level 3 class, she experienced a Gemstone layout, which gave her a peek into the power of these remarkable layouts.

After completing her studies with Channie of UWT Gemstone classes, Levels 1-3, Channie asked Kitty to be the Head UWT Gemstone Teacher for the United States. This means that she trains all the Universal White Time Gemstone Teachers in the U.S. and elsewhere when requested as well as teaching all of the UWT Gemstone classes. Upon completing her Head Teacher training in Sweden, she also was initiated to teach Level 4, the highest level of the UWT Gemstone healing available.

Kitty lives in Aptos, California, with her wonderful husband Michael, the 2 youngest of her 4 children, 2 parrots, 3 goats and a terrific community of friends. She plays the digereedoo for meditation and healing. She is also a minister with the Teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics, teaches meditation, Divine guidance, and helps people make contact with their Higher Selves.

Kitty is also a Level 1 Universal White Time Teacher and NET teacher for NET 1-9.

You can contact Kitty at mail@whitetimegem.com

Zari Pirasteh

Although Zari had been working with energy since 1994 as a Reiki Master / Teacher and a Jin Shin Jyutsu therapist, when she was introduced to the frequency of Universal White Healing for the first time, she realized that this amazing gift is the answer to what we, as human beings, have been looking for. She became a Level 4 Universal White Time Practioner, a White Time Teacher for Levels 1-4, and a Head Teacher of Level 1 (Trains Level 1 teachers).

As Zari shared, "In 2007 I had the opportunity to add the icing to this "cake" and work with Gemstones. As you can see on my web site, I now only offer classes in these two fields (Universal White Time Healing and Universal White Time Gemstone Healing) because I truly believe that once you experience the beauty and completion of their frequency and how easy it is to use them, you can simplify your lives and only work with them." Zari became a Universal White Time Gemstone Teacher of Levels 1-3.

"I do hope to have the pleasure of opening the door for you as my teacher Kitty opened it for me."

Her website is seva-ese.com
email is zari@seva-ese.com
Phone number is 970-282-7955


Robin Keefer

Robin began studying with Channie in 2004 and is a White Time Healer for Levels 1-4 as well as a Reiki Master. She is a Gemstone Healer for Levels 1-4 and a Gemstone Teacher for Levels 1-3.

Robin is also a NET teacher. You can order the NET classes from her by emailing her. She is located in Scotts Valley, California.

Her website is uwtgems.com
email is
Phone number is 831-477-6977
Cell: 323-684-6000


Bradford Tilden

Bradford W. Tilden

Bradford is a classically trained composer/pianist, intuitive Bodyworker (CMT), crystal-sound healer, and writer.   He was divinely guided through his own dreams to meet and study UWT Crystal and Gemstone Healing with Kitty Mrache.   That fascinating story is posted on his website, www.CrystalMusicHealing.com.  

Between meeting Kitty in November 2006 and November 2007 he completed Gemstone Healing Levels I-IV and became a certified Level I-III Gemstone Healing Teacher.   These teachings awakened an ancient and cosmic remembrance in him that has greatly enhanced the connection to his Higher Self and to the Mineral Kingdom.   He proudly passes on this knowledge and wisdom in his classes and workshops on crystal and sound healing.    

Bradford is also a White Time Healing Practitioner and teaches the NET Classes seasonally at his Home Healing Sanctuary in Orinda, CA. The NET Classes are also available through his website.   He also offers free Distance Crystal Healing through his website.  

Bradford's musical compositions and spontaneous music are encoded to activate and uplift the listener into higher vibrations of joy and healing.   His crystal bowl chanting invokes both ancestral and cosmic energies that awaken the soul to its true purpose.  

His first album of solo piano music, Behind The Surface, is a powerful emotional healing journey.   His newly-released album, Jewels Of Joy, is a collection of spontaneously channeled piano music used for spiritual healing and meditations on joy and trust.   (Perfect for accompanying Gemstone Layouts)   Both of these albums are available through his website.   

He performs regularly at local venues in the San Francisco Bay Area and sees clients for UWT Gemstone Healing, intuitive bodywork, and sound healing at his home healing center in Orinda, CA.   He also gives concerts, teaches UWT Gemstone Healing and holds sound healing workshops throughout the country and worldwide.    For class schedules, booking and more information visit www.CrystalMusicHealing.com.

Bradford Tilden
Harmonious Being, LLC



Marie Perfect

Marie has been using Gemstones and Tuning forks in her successful healing practice for years. In 2005, she learned White Time Gemstone Healing and in 2006 became a WT Gemstone Teacher for Levels 1-3. Marie resides near Reading, Pennsylvannia and is currently the only teacher on the East Coast.

Heart and Soul Wellness Center
Instructor: Marie Eleina Perfect





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