Channie's new edition of her fantastic Gemstone guide, the CRYSTAL and MINERAL GUIDE BOOK, is now available. You can have yours printed to order here: You can also order them for friends, family - anyone can have a copy!

I will soon make available the updated Gemstone Repertory that accompanies Channies Crystal and Mineral Guide Book. This however, can only be purchased when one has purchased Channie's book! It is a listing, by symptom and situation, of all the stone combinations in her book. It makes finding the needed stone combinations very fast and easy!

NET Classes
You can now order the NET classes (1-9) using PayPal. Click here to order.

If you have taken any White Time classes, either the regular or the Gemstone, you qualify to join the Layout-of-the-Month Club. Please email at me before purchasing with PayPal and write to me as to which classes you have taken and who your teacher was.

We now have over 80 different gemstones and our plan is to make them available for sale at affordable prices. These will include most of the stones used in all 4 levels of the Universal White Time Gemstone classes, the Level 3 & 4 White Time classes, the NET classes, and the Layout-of-the-Month Club Layouts.

I (Kitty) also make card sets of the layouts from all of the Universal White Time Gemstone classes, the Layout-of-the-Month series, and the Universal White Time class 4. (You must have taken any classes that you order the layout cards for). If you are interested in finding out more info about the cards before the info is posted here, you can email me at





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