Sample Layouts & Gemstone Combinations

Since it is difficult to really understand the power of these layouts without trying them, we offer to you a couple of the Universal White Time Gemstone layouts so you may try them out yourself.

These layouts are not the strongest or profound that we have, but they will give you a taste of this system of Gemstone Healing.

Please remember that these layouts are copyrighted and are not to be published without Channie's permission. They are here for your personal use only. At the bottom of this page are some sample powerful stone combinations that you can try.

Here is a layout for the Earth: to heal the Grid and Lay Lines and to open up Time Portals

Layout to balance the Chakras:
Helps manifest the new Chakras

and here is the explanation for the changing Chakras


This layout is done for 30 minutes. If you are doing the layout on yourself, start by placing the HOWLITE above your head, then sit up and place the HEMATITE between your calves and the LAPIS between your knees. Then place the other stones slowly, starting with the AQUAMARINE & the TURQUOISE, moving down. (There are 2 possible positions for the Aquamarine & Turquoise). Finish by picking up the 2 SNOW QUARTZ for your hands.

After 15 minutes, remove the HOWLITE & the HEMATITE (with your foot, if doing on yourself.) When you're finished, remove the stones from the bottom toward your head.
Click here for the layout in PDF format.


Here is short layout for you to try. It is for Inspiring the Voice of the Heart. It only takes 10-15 minutes after the stones are on.
Click here for a copy of the layout in PDF format.

If you don't have a copy of Adobe Reader, you can get a free copy here.

Gemstone Healing Combinations:
Level 1 of the Universal White Time Gemstone classes come with a book full of incredible Gemstone Combinations. We have seen many profound healings with these. Here are 2 of our favorites:

For Balancing the Immune System:
This helps bring balance to your immune system, whether it is over stimulated or low. Carry together in your left pocket:

         An Amazonite (a strong green with very little white)

         A Blue Lace Agate

         A Rose Quartz

         A Black Onyx (use Black Tourmaline if you don't have Onyx)

For Trauma and Panic Attacks:

         Hold in your left hand- a large Rose Quartz

         Hold in your right hand - a large Smokey Quartz



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