Universal White Time:
an Overview

UWT Healing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Space Travel
"Six-point Systems"

by Channie Cha

(Note from Kitty: Universal White Time Gemstone Healing is an aspect of something much larger; Universal White Time. These pages about White Time by Channie are here to help you understand a little about the philosophy behind the White Time Gemstone Healing. The Gemstone Layouts and stone combinations are a way to use the Universal White Time: in fact many people feel much more energy from the Layouts than White Time on it's own. The Layouts work on a very deep, molecular and permanent level and usually don't need to be done more than once or once per year. The Layouts can also be done in conjunction with the regular White Time treatments or with other modalities, such as massage or acupuncture.)

Many of the things that we humans consider impossible, unbelievable, fantastic, and unusual, such as psychic gifts and the ability to travel beyond the speed of light, are governed by something called White Time, which means past, present, and future, all in one unit (one time zone).

Many people limit themselves both in their minds and their thinking. One of the reasons that makes people think like this is due to our way of developing our technical abilities. The human way of thinking has steered away from the spiritual side of the reality. This applies to our way of technically building our society, and especially to our way of constructing machines for traveling to other worlds. On top of this lies a firm belief that no other forms of life, except us, could exist in our universe. If we on top of that believe that we know exactly what time is, the sum of all misconceptions adds up to a totally wrong perception of how this universe is constructed! Because of this we fail to enter the inexplicable and unknown with open eyes.

On the other hand, a person who is a medium often understands why and how. You are either born a medium, another person has taught you, or the knowledge has been transmitted from one mind to another. This particular gift opens the gates to the ability to see beyond what other people see, and to look into all aspects of time. This is how you use White Time.

How psychic people acquire that gift, depend on whether they are born with it or trained to "tune in" to the White Time. People who are trained, mostly get their training from angels, guides, higher spiritual beings etc., or they might receive this knowledge from people who themselves have been taught by the above-mentioned beings.

White Time can for example be used for healing. In a healing situation, the healer goes back to the time before the injury was inflicted to stop the injury from happening. The healer then heals the pain in present time, and finally sends the healing power forward in time to stop the possibility that a new accident might occur.

You can also learn to master the White Time in other ways. You can For instance learn how to sort out the present time. Then you will have the ability to walk through walls, since in past times, there were no walls there! When a person connects to White Time, they connect on the atomic level in the body. You actually fill the empty space between the atoms with White Time. Every human being has an empty space between his/her atoms; some people have more empty space than others. They have a wider and cleaner empty space, something that is achieved through mental and spiritual development. In the end, this kind of person becomes one with the breathing of Earth and participates in lifting Earth into a more refined structure. This means that insight into spiritual matters helps the Earth to evolve as a planet! Extraterrestrials usually prefer to contact this kind of people, because this empty space can be filled with White Time, which will enable you to travel mentally, and so decreasing the need for travel "in the flesh" to other planets!

White Time Healing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Space Travel
"Six-point Systems"

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