It is now here: The NEWEST SERIES, #6 is now available! The layouts are for January '09- July '09. See below for details

"Layout of the Month Club"
If you have taken any of the Universal White Time Gemstone classes or the regular Universal White Time classes, then you qualify to join our White Time "Layout of the Month Club".

Channie has graciously agreed to share with us one new Universal White Time Gemstone layout each month. Some months, we will also have new information about the gemstones and how to use them. This will provide a way that you can continue your Gemstone education. There are many wonderful layouts that Channie has that aren't included in any of the White Time classes, so this is a very exciting opportunity! She is also getting new Layouts to assist us during this time of great change.

For the first 4 series, we are asking for a donation of $42. which is only $7. per layout for this invaluable information. If you want instead to order individual Layouts in Series 1-4, then the cost is $11. per Layout.

As the exchange rate of the dollar has dropped so much to the Swedish Krona, the cost for Series #5 is $52.00 and for the individual layouts, it is $16. This money will go to Channie, toward paying for the expenses of running this web site and for promoting Universal White Time Gemstone Healing.

If you are interested in joining the "Layout of the Month Club", please email us at with the following information:
• What Universal White Time or UWT Gemstone (Mineral/Crystal) class(s) you have taken and who your teacher(s) was. (You must have taken at least one Universal White Time class to receive these Layouts.) (The initiations included with the White Time classes prepares you for using these layouts. You also learn how to do them correctly.)
• The email address that you want used for sending the layouts to you.
• Please let me know if you prefer the Layouts in the U.S. standard size (8.5" x 11") or in the European size (A4 paper).

We now have a PayPal account that can accept PayPal, Debit cards, and Credit Cards. So even is you live outside the United States, you can subscribe. Following your email to me and your payment, I will send you the Layout(s) & other new information as we get it from Channie.

We ask that you maintain integrity with these layouts and not share copies of them. They are copyrighted by Channie. If you wish (or have already) to give a White Time Healer any of these layouts, please pay for them. Thank you!

Here it is: The NEWEST SERIES!

Series #6
The dates are Jan. '09 - June '09

The Layouts in this series are all connected therefore we won't be offering them as separate Layouts. This series consists of 5 Layouts and 1 meditation with stones.
The purpose of this Series is to assist us in opening up to the quality of the Blue Creation and the New Earth as well as to help us become enlightened! The final 2 Layouts prepare us for the radical changes we must undergo with the shift to the New Earth. The first of these opens up our Physical Inner Structure of our bodies (which prepares us for the new Dimension) and the second helps us tap into Greater Consciousness and move toward Enlightenment.

Full Series #6: $52. US

Series #5
The dates are July '08 - Dec. '08

The first four help our brain's open up to Extra-sensory perception and develop our psychic abilities. The 5 th one helps us to feel the New Earth and our relatives that are there and the 6th layout helps us to bring balance and healing to our dear Earth.
Full Series #5 : $52.00

July '08:
Exploring Your Higher Potential - #1 of 4

This is the first layout in a series of 4 that help you become whole and to connect with yourself: to help you find your true strength and harmony.
Individual layout price: $16.00

August '08:
For Developing Your Intuition - #2 of 4

This is the second layout in a series of 4 that help you connect with yourself: to help you become whole with yourself.
Individual layout price: $16.00


September '08:
Memories of Harmony - #3 of 4

This is the third layout in a series of 4 that help you connect with yourself. This one helps you remember your past lives that were harmonious.
Individual layout price: $16.00


October '08:
Inner Balance of the Brain for Spiritual Growth - #4 of 4

This is the fourth layout in a series of 4 that help you connect with yourself. This one helps you develop your senses and your brain, so you can do telekinesis and develop other Extra-sensory perception.
Individual layout price: $16.00

November '08:
Sensing the New Earth

This layout is for becoming aware of the New Earth as well as for opening up connections with our relatives that are there. Do this layout for about 30 minutes.
Individual layout price: $16.00

December '08:
Helping Earth - Bringing Balance

This layout strengthens the Earth's 6-point systems and Lay Lines. This in turn brings balance to the Earth and will help stabilize the weather, earthquakes, volcanoes and other events that Mother Earth uses to bring balance. You can do this layout both on yourself and others &/or on the ground. When done on people, they become a "working tool" for Earth.
Individual layout price: $16.00

All of Series #5: $52.00


Series #4
The dates are Jan. '08 - July '08

All of the layouts are now ready! You can save $24 over the cost of paying for each layout individually by ordering the full series now. This month has 7 layouts for the body and one for the Earth, which is offered for free on this website. You can pay from anywhere in the World via PayPal.
Full Series: $42.00

January '08:
Layout to Activate Your Body's Water
This layout is for activating and raising the flow and frequency of the water in your body. Since the easiest way to change frequency is through fluid, and our bodies are 95% water, by raising the frequency of our internal water, we can raise our vibrational frequency quickly.
January Layout: $11.00

February '08:
Part 1 of 2 -

Connecting with Earth's Soul
By connecting with Earth's Soul via this layout, we connect with both the old & New Earth. Connecting with the old Earth helps us connect with nature here & the nature on the New Earth: by doing this layout, we connect deeply with the quality of Earth. For any Earth loving person, this is a great Layout!

This layout is done in 2 steps: the 1 st activates your soul & connects it with Mother Earth. The 2 nd step (March's layout) connects you with the New Earth.

These layouts are also great to do as a layout on the floor or ground. You make the circle large enough so you can sit in the circle and meditate.

February '08:
Part 2 of 2 -
Connecting with New Earth's Nature

By doing this layout, we connect deeply with the nature on the New Earth. Before doing this layout, do part 1: the 1 st activates your soul & connects it with Mother Earth and the 2 nd step (this layout) connects you with the nature on the New Earth.
February Layouts: $11.00

March '08:
Connecting with Extraterrestrial Dimensional Quality
The Earth has a lack of Dimensional energy as a result of the lack of physical landings of the Dimensional ETs for the last couple years. This layout is done so we can open up our bodies to be receivers for taking down this ET Dimensional Energy. After the layout you can use the stones to charge water with this quality of energy. This water is extremely good for animals and people who lack Dimensional Energy. The symptoms manifested when lacking Dimensional Energy are strange body pains in the muscles, joints, and head as well as chest pressure, depression, or sadness.
March Layout: $11.00

April '08:
Connecting with Essential Being

This layout is about bringing in the light from the Essential Being of Light. It's for filling us with joy and hope before the shift, and with Creative force after the shift. This will help us create our environment and what we need on the New Earth.
April '08 Layout: $11.00

May '08:
Connecting with The Creation & Beyond the Creation
This layout connects us with the Creation and the realization of other Creations. It also stretches us to realize and understand the Beyond. This layout also helps to open up our understanding that we are part of the Beyond. "Out there", this layout is known as "Widening the View"!

There are two versions of this layout: one if you have a Raw Ruby, the other if you have a Gem quality Ruby.
May '08 Layout: $11.00

June '08:
Connecting with Family Bonds
This layout is for strengthening family bonds so we can find our real family on the New Earth. This layout helps create new ways of relating by opening us up so we can become close and lovingly connected: it prepares and opens the positive cords we have with other people, with our real family.
June '08 Layout: $11.00

Layout for healing the Grids & Lay Lines
This is for helping to open up Time for the future and for Spiritual Evolution. This layout heals time and cracks in the Earth's Grid and Lay lines, which have started shifting and moving. It is done on the ground and indoors.
This layout is also posted for free on the Sample Page.

Series #4: $42.00


SERIES #3: JULY 2007 through Dec. 2007

Join this Series Now:
Six layouts from July '07-Dec. '07: Price $42.

July '07:
Merging with the New Earth
This layout has to do with the New Earth. It helps our hearts connect and understand so we can take a part - so we can participate - in this transformation. This layout helps us join the rising energies of our Earth's transformation. This layout is deeply relaxing: merge, feel and love the evolution!
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

August '07:
Brain Development #1

This layout is for developing our mind, our brain. Our brain's electrical impulses and storage capacity increases with these layouts. Currently, we use only 10% of our brains. On the New Earth, we'll use more. This layout is the first of three given to us so we can start increasing our brain capacity now - up to 35% or more. This mental development unfolds as we do these layouts so we get smarter.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

September '07:
Brain Development #2
See above
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

October '07:
Brain Development #3
See above
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

November '07:
Emotional Pain & Transformation
This layout is for both our bodies and our emotional well-being. As we are transforming, we can experience strange things: we may feel emotional, or alternate between believing & non-believing, or happiness & sadness. As a result of the Earth's (& our's) frequency raising, we may feel pain, headaches, arthritis, have the experience of Bi-Polar, etc. Some people feel it as pressure over the chest. This Layout helps balance our emotional state and bodies.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

December '07:
Memories of Your Higher Selves' Past
This layout is for connecting with the memories of your Higher Selves' from the Past.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

Join Series #3 Now:
Six months: 6 layouts from July '07-Dec. '07:

Price $42.


Series #2: 6 Layouts - November '06 - April '07

Click here to purchase for $42.:

November '06:
For Healing Addictions

This layout works to help people heal addictions to substances, such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, sugar, etc.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

December '06:
For Connecting with Earth
This layout helps us connect and harmonize with Earth on a deep level: it helps us connect with the "fabric" of the Planet for total communication so we can speak with Her. For weeks after doing this layout, we can meditate and ask Earth what we can do for her: what healing is needed and then do it. This layout connects us with the elements of the planet so the healing will occur at the Earth's atomic level.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

January '07:

For Fabricating New DNA Strands

This layout helps awaken the memory of the lost parts of our DNA which usually aren't used by humans. In our bodies, we have the remnants (and memory) of DNA strands from our ET origins that currently aren't used. This layout helps bring these remnants together to create new strands.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00
February '07:
For Balancing Body Flows

This layout helps us balance the different "flows" in the body: the electrical systems, the hormonal flows, the brain, the lymph, the blood, etc. This layout also helps people with seizures, blood clots, and paralysis. It also raises the vibration of people whose vibration hasn't kept up with the Earth's rising frequency. This layout also helps give protection against pre-cancer.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

March '07:
For Completing the Aura's Shape Changes
This layout helps us complete the shape changes of our aura. The shape of our auras has been changing from oval to ovate, which looks like an oval leaf with a point at the top. This layout also makes the top of the aura open to the Higher Self.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

April '07:
Connecting with the Fourth Drop
This very special layout helps us connect and contact the Fourth Drop. The Fourth Drop is now forming in the Beyond 200,000,000 years earlier than expected, which will thereby complete the Whole Creation Game 200,000,000 years early!
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

Series #2: 6 Layouts - November '06 - April '07

Click here to purchase all 6 layouts for $42.


Series #1: 6 layouts from May '06 - October '06

Cost of the series: $42.

May '06:
Balancing all Levels of Ourselves
This layout brings inner balance so our Higher Self can connect with our outer body on Earth. The layout helps the Higher Self's strong energies and beautiful light rays & ribbons from above connect with our human self: this assists the Higher Self to bring inspiration and new thoughts for our daily lives. This layout is especially good for musicians, artists, or anyone who wants to improve their creative expression.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

June '06:

For Opening the Mind for Spiritual Clarity
This layout opens the mind for seeing & feeling more during meditation, etc: it opens up the mind for clear channeling or other forms of spiritual work. After the layout, you can carry the Dumortierite in your pocket & you will get the frequency of the whole layout. Or if you have a piece of jewelry with Dumortierite, use it in the layout to charge it with the frequency and it will work for you as your wear it!
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

July '06:
For Healing Depression
For helping with scattered thoughts, hearing things, trauma and to help bring focus to the mind and to life.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

August '06:
For Connecting with Nature
This layout is for helping with connecting with nature at a deeper level: helps one to experience Nature's wonders. Good to do before a vacation or relaxing in nature. This layot helps people who are older or "shut-ins" who have difficulty getting out into nature: these stones help give them nature's ernergy just by wearing them.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

September '06:

For Connection with Nature Beings
This layout helps us connect deeper with Nature Beings, Devas, Fairies, etc. of Earth: it gives the possibility to channel them or their emotions to know what they want. Do the layout, then ask the Nature Beings for advice as to what they think about something you are planning. For example, where it would be wise to place a walkway, a house, a well, etc. so that it is in harmony with the grids, vortexes, etc.   Also, if you do this layout on a handicapped person or give them a pouch of the stones, they will know where to sit or lay so as to receive nature's energy.
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

October '06:

For Connecting with Animals
This layout is for helping with connecting with nature at a deeper This layout helps us open to communicating with animals - wild or domestic - to feel or hear their needs or to receive the loving energy from them. Additionally, this layout is good for connecting with your animal guides for a Soul journey. You can also lay the stones (in a pouch) or on a photo of the animal & place it where the animal sleeps for 3 days. Then use the stones for a layout on yourself.
If your animal friend is going to need medical treatment, place the layout stones in your pocket or pouch. This will calm them. Have good thoughts: they will know what you're thinking!
Individual Layout Price: $11.00

Series #1:
6 layouts from May '06 - Oct. '06

Price for Series #1 is $42.

Coming Soon: Cards for all of the Layout-of-the-Month Layouts!

I am considering making small kits to accompany these monthly layouts. Please send me your feed-back to

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