To Open Time Portals
For a pdf copy that you can download, click here

This layout is for helping Earth and to open up Time for the future and for Spiritual Evolution. This layout heals time and cracks in the Earth's Grid and Lay lines, which have started shifting and moving.

•  Start by asking the house or apartment (or outside) where to place this layout.

•  Place the 8 stones . You can place the stones on a tray so they can be moved.

•  Light the tea light (candle)

•  Place the 4 QUARTZ CRYSTALS pointing in. Wait 10 minutes.

•  Turn the crystals around so they point out.

•  Place 4 small pieces of HEMATITE at the tips of the Crystals, which should point over the top of the small Hematite. This allows some of the energy from the Crystals to flow into both the room and the Hematite.

•  Ask the building where to place it again. Repeat the process from step 2 using a new candle each time you place the stones.

Time Portal Layout

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