Universal White Time:
Space Travel

More on "Six-Point Systems"

by Channie Cha

White Time can also be used in interplanetary travel. The extraterrestrial vessels use White Time-tunnels which have been constructed. They can also be used for soul travel over vast distances.

But, there are also streaks of White Time traversing the universe like thin threads. These streaks or threads are often pulled together to form White Time. This is not an ideal solution, since they are unstable and not wholly trustworthy as interplanetary "roads." If a thread breaks, the vessel will find itself in "real-time" all of a sudden, and might miss the next jump to another thread. White Time-tunnels are a better solution. They are stable and more exact. The extraterrestrials use them to "travel by jumping" between different tunnels. This is how it works: all planets have something called a "sixpoint-system" (for lack of a better word in English). Through these systems, the planet not only takes in White Time, but also "breathes" out bad and used up energy. If the "sixpoint-system" is situated in a forest for instance, it is free to exchange energy with the universe. Should there, on the other hand, be a house or a motorway on top of the "sixpoint-system", it will be cut off. In the old times, people knew better than to build their houses on "sixpoint-systems," but nowadays we don't consider these things.

The tunnel is directed towards the sky. In itself, the tunnel does not contain enough White Time-energy to allow a vessel to travel in its "beam" to another planet. However, when the tunnel points straight into another tunnel, there will be enough energy to allow vessels to travel through the tunnel. Imagine some oranges, each with a matchstick inserted in them. The matchstick is the White Time-tunnel. When they point directly at each other, the two tunnels connect.

White Time consists of six energies that together create a seventh energy. If you wanted to travel from planet A to planet B, with two tunnels pointing at each other, it would take no more than exactly 0.00043 seconds, no matter how far the distance!

This is how interplanetary travel is accomplished: you travel through one tunnel, jump to the next, travel through that one, jump to the next and so on. Also, you can connect two vertical tunnels, should you want to travel horizontally. This is accomplished by sending out small (4 inches to 7 yards long) dish like vessels from the vessel in which you are traveling. These dishes are often spotted by us humans. But the large vessel we rarely see, because they are in a White Time-tunnel and cannot be seen.

The existence of White Time-tunnels can explain why people experience a UFO-observation at the same site, differently. Three persons experience different things, depending on if you are inside the "sixpoint-system," on the border, or outside of it. If you stand inside, you experience everything that takes place. You might find that your watch shows a different time after the experience. Hours can have passed, and the person cannot account for the time. People standing outside the "sixpoint-system" can lose sight of their friend inside. If you are standing on the border of the "sixpoint-system" you may see something and you may not. You can lose vision of what is happening inside and it can come back again. The person standing outside sees and feels nothing.

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