Healing with Universal White Time
Part 4
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By Channie Cha

Universal White Time Healing can be used in a great variety of ways. Experienced healers can tailor-make his/her treatment of a patient. The healing works on all levels of the patient, even the etheric or astral bodies. So even if you do not remember exactly where you are supposed to lay your hands, the healing will reach its goal anyway! Universal White Time Healing can also be used to specific treatments of a patient. You can for instance, separately clean the aura or balance the chakras. You can also give extra energy, in the form of "containers" filled with light, which is put into the body. This "container" works as a personal battery from which the patient can draw energy for up to two months. The healing from an ordinary healing-session continues to work on a person for about two weeks (giving healing is however, much more powerful than just administering a "container" of light). The patient ought to come in for another treatment before all healing power has been used up.

Universal White Time Healing can also be used for healing at a distance. When such a healing takes place, the healer has to follow certain rules and use certain extraterrestrial signs or symbols. These signs can be used under other circumstances, but then to boost the healer’s powers. The signs used stand for: “A clear interpretation of the total love power, from this power nothing negative can evolve. This healing can never be used for negative purposes. It can never harm anyone or anybody”. This goes for all the parts that make up Universal White Time Healing.

When using distance healing, the healer cannot only heal a patient but also situations. A White Time healer can also ask the higher spiritual forces and receive answers in the form of "yes" and "no" during distance healing. The healer can also, provided it does not interfere with karma, change a "no" to a "yes", if he/she heals a situation. The healer will know if karma is stopping the healing, since the healing power simply wont start to flow or is cut off!

A healer using Universal White Time healing also has knowledge about the universal force called "The Golden Movement". This particular sort of healing is made by higher spiritual beings, extraterrestrials and light-beings for all humanity and for the benefit of the single human. These beings have a deep belief in the "All in its Whole". Their belief says that all beings are unique and that we all carry a power unique to each person. Humans and all other beings are a small part of the "All in its Whole" in which the Deity also is a part. You do not have to believe in anything higher to practice Universal White Time healing, but it is to no disadvantage to do so.

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