Healing with Universal White Time
Part 3
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By Channie Cha

High spiritual beings and light-beings have created this unique healing-form and they watch over those who use Universal White Time Healing. Sometimes these beings are present when healing is administered. They have created a sort of filter, a protection for all people healing in White Time. The protection ensures that no harm can come to the healer or make its way in to the patient during healing. This healing is designed to grow as a person grows, in his or her own pace. It is up to the healer how much he/she wants to grow as a person and healer.

Universal White Time Healing can also be used to heal animals, plants, food and matter, even events and situations! You can for instance heal a situation such as a flight trip if you are afraid to fly, or a situation when you will tell the girl next door that you love her but you are not sure of her reply! Every situation that might need a bit of healing to set things right can be healed. There simply are no limitations to what you can heal! Except, of course, Karma.……

The healer is constantly evolving, even if he/she only gives healing to him/herself. When a healer opens up the power he/she increases his/her powers. In the end, the healer, as mentioned, just has to look at a person for that person to feel better or to be healed. But the healer must always keep a humble attitude towards his/her healing power. To say, "I did this", are words that should never be uttered by a healer. We are all just tools in service of a power filled with dignity and we who are healers already, should always go on with our work with dignity and a humble attitude. Never should a healer brag or boast about the healing work being done. No man is better than another, no matter how powerful that person might be.

You can describe a practitioner of Universal White Time Healing as a person who "has a funnel on his/her head where the healing power flows into the body. Every time the healer starts a new healing-session, the funnel becomes wider. As a result the healer can tap into more and more of the Universal Light and love-power. This power is given from All in its Whole and the Divinity. Since the funnel widens in a steady and, one might say "mild" way, the healer is constantly developing in the same way.

There are however shortcuts for the person who wants to evolve faster as a healer. Widening the funnel and increasing the power achieve this. A person with pure knowledge of Universal White Time Healing must administer this. This teacher must be certain of his/her judgement of the healer who wants to be opened up to more spiritual powers. The teacher must be sure that the healer is mature enough!

The teacher starts by widening the funnel 100-150 "steps". Each step represents one healing-situation, which is the same as if the healer has opened up and used his/her powers 100-150 times. The next step is 200-250 "steps" and finally 500-550 "steps". You always start out with the lowest number of "steps", just so that the teacher can control the pupils understanding of the increase of power he/she is receiving. "Steps" 1,000 and 10,000 are not yet implemented for use on Earth, since this would be a too overwhelming experience due to the increase in energy and frequency.

The Head Teacher of the country where the healer lives often administers the ”steps”. There is one Head Teacher plus four "ordinary" teachers in each country. Larger countries can have more teachers. Higher spiritual beings can also administer the "steps", if that is convenient.

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