Healing with Universal White Time
Part 1
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by Channie Cha

Universal White Time Healing was created when highly developed spiritual beings, having monitored the development on Earth, saw that the need for healing increased in the human race. These beings also saw that the humans could perform the healing themselves by opening up to the universal healing force. The spiritual beings carried ancient knowledge - full of light and love - and they also carried the knowledge about White Time. They knew, through contacts with humans, that these could connect to, and use White Time. Even the human contacts for extraterrestrials knew how to use White Time for different forms of travelling. So naturally, the human race had every chance of knowing how to use these healing powers the right way.

The spiritual beings now created a new form of healing and adopted it in every way to the human need of healing. The new healing form, using White Time, was constructed to give the right amount of power on the right frequency, but also protection and security for both healer and patient. The healing was called Universal White Time Healing - tailor-made for humanity. Now all humans would have the opportunity to give and receive healing, a healing that worked from a high spiritual level. The healing-form that was created, could also be used for purposes other than healing humans, for instance a healer could heal nature and Mother Earth. Healing could also be administered to things not looked upon by most people as "living matter", like different situations in life.

Universal White Time Healing can be taught to all people. Age does not matter, although the pupil should be at least 10 years old or fully matured spiritually to take on the responsibility of becoming a healer.

The creators of Universal White Time Healing have said: "Healing in this form (Universal White Time Healing) is completely consistent with the human being and her abilities and needs to give and receive healing. Furthermore, Universal White Time Healing follows the development of a human being and awakens mental abilities. This healing-form should fill all human needs, without interfering with the Karmic laws. Nothing dark can come from this healing".

Every healer has different starting points. That is, a person who has had previous lives as healers starts out from another level than a person who has not been a healer in earlier lives. But White Time healers eventually mature and their powers increase. The "quality" of one person’s healing constantly changes throughout life. This depends on how often that person uses his or her healing powers. There are no limits to the level of power a person can reach - eventually everything becomes possible. This is one reason why this healing-form has been kept out of the public eye for so long: it takes just a few months to become a really powerful healer and only a few years to develop really strong powers. Healers who have practiced healing for a long time have the ability to use only their eyes or mind to heal. This would naturally create a debate in the media and this is the reason why the healing-form was kept out of the public eye until may 1993 (when humanity and Earth went through a natural increase of spiritual insight). The high spiritual beings that created Universal White Time Healing now allowed the healers to work freely and Universal White Time Healing can also be taught publicly.

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