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By Channie Cha

Universal White Time Healing is unique, due to the fact that the healer uses white time in his/her healing. White time is past time, present time and the future - all in one! Time is brought together into one "unit" - much like taking the rainbow's colors and merging them into white. Because of the white time, the healer has the ability to give out healing to a patient before the illness has even occurred. He/she can also heal in present time or send the healing power forward in time to prevent the illness from breaking out again.

Healers using Universal White Time Healing summon their power from the Universe. This means that they will never use their own personal energy - thus preventing the possibility that they drain themselves of life power and become ill. This is a great risk in other forms of healing. On the contrary, Universal White Time Healing gives the healer better health and after a healing session, the healer feels a sense of harmony and alertness. This is because the healer receives a little of the healing power in the process of healing.

The healer cannot receive an illness from the patient, nor can the patient receive any illness or imbalance from the healer.

Universal White Time Healing is special in that it obeys the Karmic Laws. A person’s karma can never be changed or altered in any way by Universal White Time Healing, as is the case with many other healing-forms. If an illness has karmic origins, the healing power will be turned off, something the healer will feel in his or her hands. A person using Universal White Time Healing can never be affected by their patient’s Karma. The flow of healing power is directed towards the patient and will not flow back into the healer. You might feel that it is cruel that you might not be able to heal a patient because of karma. But who says that the patient cannot be healed by another person, for instance a nurse in a hospital, and that nurse, happens to be the woman the patient is supposed to marry, once healed? If Karma was altered using Universal White Time Healing, they would never have met, thus causing great damage in the Karmic chain, since they would not have that girl who later would grow up and become president of the United Nations and bring peace to the world!

New Agers often says that you should "open up". But to what? Good? Evil? Universal White Time Healing is a sure way to open up to something good, full of light and love. Certain inhibitions in the mind are lifted when initiated in Universal White Time Healing. The difference between the ever so popular "openings" in New Age circles and Universal White Time Healing is this: thousands of years of knowledge and experience lie behind the creation of this particular healing-form.

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