Universal White Time
The "Six-Point System"
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By Channie Cha

The "six-point system" is common in nature, although it is not laid out in any particular pattern that can be seen or calculated. Systems where the tunnels open are typically 5-500 meters across. They can also be positioned together and form big clusters of systems, not unlike the ones you find in beehives. The border, between, inside and outside of the system would typically measure between 1-1,5 yards in diameter. The tunnel stretches upwards, and like a crystal, it becomes narrower up to about 248 miles above the Earth. Here it starts to widen again and continues to stretch out in space. The form of the tunnel could be described as two crystals pointing at each other. The place where the two "crystals" meet is the place where our Heaven is situated above Earth. Heaven is placed in another dimension and cannot be seen.

You yourself can experience "six-point systems" in nature. You can search out a "six-point system" and draw energy from the female center, the male center or the healing point that is located inside the "sixpoint-system."

Often, nature is at her most beautiful where a "six-point system" resides. Often, archeological findings accompany "sixpoint-system." Our ancestors knew how to use White Time. Use a dowser or pendulum to find a "six-point system." If you come across one, interesting things can happen depending on whether the "sixpoint-system" is activated (that is, pointing at another tunnel on another planet) or not. If it is activated, you may see a scale showing the wrong weight, a compass going crazy, a clock showing the wrong time, specific smells, sounds and tastes. Your body may feel a tingling sensation, heat or cold, or you may feel the tunnel around and above you. A milky white haze may come before your eyes or the surrounding nature may become distorted. Lasers and light beams may set off downwards. A laser shot through a "six-point system" will brake off downwards, but will return to "normal" when entering the world outside the tunnel. Also, equipment measuring electromagnetic fields will show a drop to zero when positioned inside a "sixpoint-system."

Certain people, trained by extraterrestrials, can activate or even build "six-point system" of their own. Every human being does this at least twice in his/her life: at birth and at death. White Time is used to travel down to Earth and "home" to Heaven or your home planet after death. The famous "tunnel" that so many people experience in the well-known "close-to-death-experiences" that you read about, is a White Time-tunnel.

The planets "speak" to each other through White Time-tunnels and exchange information and energy through them. Power plants built by extraterrestrials use universal energy, taken through a White Time-tunnel. The best place to build a power station is to build two, one on your own planet and the other on a neighboring planet and let the tunnels activate between them. You then proceed to build them in such a way that both tunnels are activated on the same time.

In the Bermuda Triangle, there are both a big and strong "six-point system," and a power station beneath the surface.

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